What are The Benefits of SS Screws

What are The Benefits of SS Screws

15 Sep, 2022

We keep hearing every SS screw manufacturer say that Stainless Steel screws are the best. “One should always use Stainless Steel screws.” Why is it that SS Screws are becoming a popular choice for all carpenters?

The answer lies in their reliability. SS Screws are the most reliable screws when it comes to assembling and joining wood. They work flawlessly for furniture work.

Stainless Steel Screws are premium screws; they are a mix of nickel, tungsten, chromium and molybdenum. These alloys make the screws corrosion free, durable and dependable.

If you ask a SS screw supplier he will tell you the numerous benefits of a stainless steel screw.

Apart from being highly corrosion resistant and reliable, these screws offer the following benefits. SS screws are the most solid screws they do not bend or break like any other lower-quality screws.

1. Self-repairing screw

SS Screws have a special quality, they can repair themselves. The secret to this is the chromium oxide coating. SS screws are coated with chromium oxide which helps fight oxidation.

The SS Screw manufacturer uses chromium oxide to prevent the screw from reacting with oxidation itself. The film of chromium oxide that covers the screw makes it rust-free. When the screw doesn’t react with oxygen no oxidation takes place making it impossible for the screw to be damaged.

The coating acts as a preventive and protective layer. So, corrosion can only occur if the screw is installed in the absence of oxygen.

2. All weather screw

SS screws are durable and dependable. They can endure and survive in any environment. They are fit for use in extreme temperatures and underwater as well. These screws are most effective in dealing with salt water as well. These quality screws are fit for any environment.

No other screw can withstand extreme pressure making SS screws the first choice for any elaborate project. SS screws are made of enduring materials which help them tick all the boxes.

3. Most durable screw

Stainless steel screws easily last over a decade making them the perfect choice for long-term projects. Owing to the materials used in the making, these screws are the strongest.

SS wood screws are the best for furniture. They are sturdy and make furniture stable and enduring. SS screws help fix and hold the wood in a solid and robust manner. While all the furniture that SS screws are used in is subjected to daily intense wear and tear they do a good job keeping furniture and machinery intact.

This is one of the main reasons every carpenter prefers using SS screws over any other. Corrosion-resistant screws are safer to work with. When a screw as strong as an SS screw needs to be removed it becomes easy. These strong screws do not break while removing.

4. Intelligently designed screw

SS Screws are more attractive and are designed to work more efficiently. This design helps them blend seamlessly in high-end automobile and machine projects. From their thread placement to their finish, you can see the refined design. SS screws are superior to traditional screws.

With more importance being given to aesthetics and the overall look of a product or project. The screw needs to fit in too. And with time the appearance of the smallest of the components is becoming a hygiene factor. If they do not visually fit with the rest of the components the screw is rejected.

5. Low maintenance screw

Any SS screw supplier will speak in favour of buying them. He will tell you they are not the cheapest when it comes to price but are affordable in the long run.

SS screws do not require any additional tweaking or maintenance even in the most intricate and extensive projects. They last the longest and are high-value screws. You will not have to incur the additional cost of replacing screws.

It takes understanding a project and its requirements to suggest the best screw. Most of the projects require a screw to be strong, sturdy, durable and worth the price.

Many fail to understand that SS wood screws are specially built to take the weight of the project. The first aspect anyone looks at, is the price of the screw. SS screws are priced slightly higher because of the superior quality that they render.

SS Screw manufacturers make the screw in such a way that it is 100% recyclable. All the strong metals can be put to use again. These environmentally friendly screws add more value to any project they are used in.

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We understand the difference a screw can make.