A Complete Guide to Machine Screws

A Complete Guide to Machine Screws

18 Oct, 2022

It is essential to use the correct size of Machine screws as they join parts of machines, engines, appliances, furniture or any equipment and work as bridges between two components. These screws are fasteners that join two or more parts together. There are two types of screws available in the market- manual screws and machine screws

This article will give you a complete understanding of machine screws and will also guide you in choosing the relevant size and type for the best results.

What are machine screws?

There are two major varieties of screws- machine screws and manual screws. The major difference between them is that machine screws are tightened by an electrical drill machine, whereas manual screws are fitted manually. Due to this, machine screws are better at fastening components than manual screws.

According to sizes, materials, models, and configurations, there are various kinds of machine screws available in the market, like stainless steel (SS) machine screws, brass machine screws, Phillips head machine screws, tamper-resistant machine screws, plated machine screws, Torx heads, slotted or flat-head machine screws, hex-head machine screws, Fillister machine screws, and Pan-head machine screws.

Machine screws are used in making modular kitchens, furniture, construction equipment, etc. They are designed to be inserted into a pre-cut or pre-threaded hole. Machine screws consist of a head and a fully threaded shank. The exterior of this shank allows the machine screw to be inserted in the tapped hole and join the two ends.

Good machine screw manufacturers will always suggest SS machine screws instead of any other fastening as they have the capacity to withstand vibrations and liquid. There are poor-quality machine screws also available in the market, which are lower in price compared to them and can crack during high machine vibrations. Low-quality machine screws can rust when exposed to moisture. So, for long-lasting fastening, always choose a high-quality machine screw, irrespective of price.

Talking about their physical characteristics:

Machine screws give protection against rust and corrosion.

Aluminium machine screws are not as strong as stainless steel screws and are usually used where weight is a concern 

Most machine screws are fully threaded from head to end, so they have the full length of the fastener shank.

Machine screw manufacturers recommend them as they are made to give more precision, better all-round quality, and thread uniformity.

What Are the Applications of Machine Screws?

Machine screws are used for fastening different types of material together, especially furniture. The most common uses include engines, electronic devices, large-scale industrial equipment, and vehicles.

How to use a machine screw?

Institutions use a machine screw by tapping or drilling it into a pre-cut hole or nut, either manually or with a screwdriver. Machine screws are also used along with nuts; in this case, the nut will go behind the rearmost component.

They are versatile in nature and are often used to join different components and their parts. Firearms have many parts that need to be attached, and so they use small machine screws as they are easy and tight to disassemble. They are also used in jigs in machining, fixtures, dies, and electrical connections 

The alternative use of machine screws is to separate and secure parts which are to be kept at a fixed distance from each other. This is achieved through a type of threaded coupling which allows machine screws to be fixed in opposing directions. The length of the coupling inserted between the two fasteners will depend on the separation distance required between the components.

What are the sizes of machine screws?

There is a range of machine screw sizes available in the market. So, knowing how to measure a machine screw is essential for choosing the ideal fastener for the machine.

Machine screws are sold by thread size and length. They come in different sizes and to be sure, always check the website or the guide given by the machine screws manufacturers. 

Which Machine Screw to choose? 

LP Screw is one of the leading machine screws manufacturers. We are technologically advanced and produce more than 50 lacs of high-quality screws a day. Depending on the purpose, select the best machine screws from our wide range. The types and sizes of machine screws are:

  • CSK Phillips Machine Screw

They are commonly used for a solid grip in machines as they come with 4 points of contact. They provide fastening solutions in less time with minimum human effort.

Used in: Hinges, Tower Bolts, Wardrobe Sliding Channels, Drawer Channels and Furniture Handles

  • Machine Screw

They are generally used to join brass or steel and can only fit through the tapped hole or nuts.

Used in: Furniture Pull Handles, Wardrobe Cabinet Handles, Fabrication of Electronic Devices, Making of Engines and Industrial Manufacturing Equipment

  • SS Chipboard Machine Screw

They are used in the making of furniture as they have high tensile strength and are easy to screw into wood.

 Used in: Modular Kitchen, Door, Drawers, Wardrobe and Hinges

  • SS DryWall Machine Screw

They give exceptional results and are used to fabricate furniture and make it more durable and long-lasting.

Used in: Fixing Wood to Wood, Fixing Aluminium to Wood, Modular Kitchen, Frame on the Wall and Mounting Tv on the Wall

  • Wood Phillips Machine Screw

They are machine-driven screws, used for strong bonding between wooden objects.

Used in: Ships, Wooden Frame Partition, Hardware, Shelves and Cabinets

  • Pan Phillips Machine Screw

The all-rounder machine screw is used for both metal and wood. It is less corrosive and requires less human effort to install.

 Used in: Sofa Legs, Twin Wheel Castor, Auto Hinges, Bed Fitting with Pneumatic Pump and Bathroom Fitting


Machine screws are used as a constraint to keep things or components together. So, to extend the lifespan of the equipment, always choose a machine screw from a trusted brand and machine screws manufacturers. They are just a small part of the machines, but a good quality screw can hold the equipment together strongly forever.