Tips for Selecting Stainless Steel Fasteners for Your Applications

Tips for Selecting Stainless Steel Fasteners for Your Applications

19 Dec, 2022

Knowing the different kinds of stainless steel fasteners helps in figuring out the right one for the job based on what they are being used for. The first step in picking the right stainless steel fastener for the project is knowing what materials you will be working with. Materials used for your project do not only include what you will be using the fasteners to drill into, it also includes the tools being used.

For example, if the project will be using power tools, mechanical fasteners will be needed, but if the project will be using hand tools, manual fasteners will be needed. The reason for the difference is that power tools need a different grip to accommodate the force behind the power tool. Corrosion-resistant fasteners are important for any job since it means there will not be unintended wear over time. Stainless steel screws are corrosion-resistant fasteners because there is no mixture of different metals which can become corroded over time.

Machine Screws

SS Drywall

SS Drywall screws are for projects that are large in size and need strong support through fastening. They cover different tasks like fixing wood to wood, aluminum to wood, modular kitchens, or mounting a frame or TV on a wall.

SS Chipboard

SS Chipboard fasteners are ideal for furniture needs. They cover everything from doors, drawers, wardrobes, hinges, and modular kitchens. The deep and sharp threading drives through the wood, making a strong bind in addition to avoiding cracking or splitting in the wood.

CSK Phillips

CSK Phillips fasteners take care of different areas of work. From simple tasks such as furniture handles, drawer channels, hinges, tower bolts, and wardrobe sliding channels.

Machine Screw

Machine Screwed fasteners are designed specifically for metal materials that require a nut or a tapped hole. A tapped hole is a pre-drilled hole that has the threads cut inside the hole.

Manual Screws

Carriage Bolt

The Carriage Bolt can be used to fasten wood to metal or wood to wood. For application uses such as wooden frames, ready to assemble furniture, fences, docks, and patios, these fasteners give a finished look to any project that is being worked on.

CSK Wood

CSK Wood stainless steel fasteners are used for fastening wood to wood together. They can be used on projects such as ships, wooden frame partitions, shelves, cabinets, and more. These screws, however, are made to be used with a flat-head screwdriver, unlike the machine screws which are made for a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Pan Head

Pan head screws are both for metalwork and woodwork alike. These single slotted-fasteners are again made to be used with a flat-head screwdriver, but these screws have a wider diameter in order to hold materials together more firmly. They cover different applications like sofa legs, twin wheel castors, auto hinges, bed fittings with pneumatic pumps, and bathroom fittings.

CSK Head

The single-slotted CSK Head screws are ideal for tackling furniture tasks such as hinges, tower bolts, wardrobe sliding channels, drawer channels, and furniture handles.

Other Factors to Remember

LP Screw is a trusted stainless steel fastener manufacturer in India that makes and provides all of the above mentioned stainless steel fasteners in order to take care of all of the different application needs.

Every project will have different materials, whether it is wood, metal, or both. With the guidance above, figuring out the right fastener for the job will be easier based on what the project is. Because they are all stainless steel fasteners, corrosion based on the fastener itself will not be an issue. Nuts and bolts, or any other type of metal used in the fastening process should be stainless steel as well, if possible, in order to make sure the metal parts will not become corroded.

Another factor to take into account is that the different fasteners need to be of the correct length and diameter. Creating a strong bond between surfaces is based on the depth and diameter of what is being used. When dealing with wood, if there is cracking or breaking, it compromises the structural integrity of the object that is being built. Beyond that, the only time a screw should pierce through a surface is when it is part of the design. One specific example of this is when carriage screws are used which are used with bolts and sometimes washers when aiding in protecting a surface.

It is also important to remember that even old projects can use updating. Some projects could have weathered wood that needs replacing, while others may need to be completely redone. If the time and effort is going to be taken to update a project, make sure that corrosion resistant fasteners are used the second time around so the work will last longer than the first time.