Types of  SS Fasteners(Stainless Steel Fasteners)

Types of SS Fasteners(Stainless Steel Fasteners)

21 Oct, 2022

Without SS fasteners so many objects around us won’t exist. A fastener is used in the construction of the majority of objects around us, from wardrobes, drawers, machinery, & more.

Basically, the function of a fastener is to attach one object to another. There is not only one kind of fastener, there are many types of fasteners available in the market. Each type of fastener is used for different applications & purposes.

Though each fastener has a different application, their core function remains the same, which is attaching one material to another and helping to assemble the final structure.

SS Fasteners are popularly used for assembling of objects as they can be easily removed from the object without causing any damage.

A fastener is specifically designed in a way that it can be removed easily with the help of the right tools. This helps in the objects that need repair, like machines, automobiles, chairs and others.

The only fastener that forms a permanent connection between two objects are rivets.

As mentioned earlier the world of fasteners has many different types of fasteners in it, let’s discuss each type.

Types of Stainless Steel Fasteners:

1) Nails

Nails have been commonly used in households for wood construction since ages. They are popular for easy usability, though the strength of the nail isn’t as good as screws. It is popular because of its shear strength.

A nail comes without thread and thus lacks a tight grip.

2) Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts

It is a pair of stainless steel bolts & nuts that work together to hold the object. From one end a bolt is inserted into the material and then from the other end the bolt is secured with a nut.

The most popular types of stainless nuts & bolts are carriage bolts, flange bolts & square head bolts.

3) Anchors

They are mainly used to connect an object to drywall or concrete. These fasteners are called anchors because of the similarity of the function it shares with a boat’s anchor, which is to stop the ship from drifting off into the water.
These screws embed themselves into the wall & keep the object affixed to the wall.

4) Rivets

Unlike the other fasteners, Rivets aren’t removable. They create a permanent connection between the material. Their head is cylindrical & the tail can be expanded at the needed length using the rivet tool.

5) Stainless Steel Screws

People usually use the terms stainless screw and SS fasteners interchangeably, unaware that Stainless Steel Screws are one of the types of SS fasteners.

Screws are the most popular out of all the fasteners available in the market. It is probably because the Stainless Steel Screw Category is very vast and offers many types of screws with different design, heads, and purposes.

The screws falling under the Stainless Steel Screw category of SS Fasteners are:

1) Wood Screw  – It has rough threads which provide it sharpness and a tapered head. As the name suggests it is used for wooden applications.

2) Deck Screw – The application and features are very similar to that of a wood screw. However, deck screws are mainly used for outdoor wooden applications as they have stronger resistance to corrosion.

3) Drywall Screw – It is a kind of self-tapping screw (Insert the blog link of Tapping screw) that makes its way into the drywall without the need for a pilot hole.

4) Machine Screw – Unlike other screws, the thickness of a machine screw is uniform, from top to bottom. They are mostly used in securing metal objects.

Above mentioned were the types of SS fasteners available in the fastener market that can be used for the construction of everyday objects.

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