Types of Screw Heads and How to Select the Right One

Types of Screw Heads and How to Select the Right One

05 Jan, 2023

At first thought, some people may not realize that the type of screw heads can differ and make an impact depending on the project that is being worked on. Knowing about some of the basics can help in selecting the right type of screw heads for what you are working on and with.

Flat Head

A flat head has a single slat in order to be driven into the material being used, which is generally wood. Flathead screws give good torque and allow for a strong bind without allowing for overtightening. Flat head is also used sometimes when discussing a countersunk screw, so be sure to know the context it is being used in.

The problem with the type of screw heads that are flat head, or single slat, screws is that they are known for having issues with the tool slipping for this reason. Another discussion topic that may be considered an issue of concern is that these are almost solely used when manually screwing something in. Being that this is not necessarily a true issue, it may be considered one if working on a larger project where time is going to be impacted by this.

Phillips Head

The type of screw heads that are called Phillips head, have four points of contact, creating the image of a plus sign. These are designed specifically for mechanical use because the screwdriver naturally finds its fit. When working on a large project where time is of the essence, this is when these come in handy. While some who are going to manually screw still prefer these over a flat head because of how easy it is to get traction, a downside is that you will get less torque and these can be more prone to stripping. If the screw becomes stripped, or worn out on the inside, to the point you can’t get traction anymore, then you may have to spend more time later trying to get it out if there are any issues.

Carriage Bolt with Screw Head

A carriage bolt screw head has what is considered a finished look. The reason for this is that unlike with a Phillips head or flat head, the carriage bolt has a flush surface. A washer and bolt are used as a fastener in these situations.

CSK Head 

The type of screw heads that are considered CSK Heads are flat on the surface. CSK stands for countersunk screw, which again means it is flush to the surface of whatever it is screwed into. A CSK head can come in either form of Phillips or flat head in order to accommodate for manual or machine screwing.

Pan Head

The Pan Head screw has a concave, or domed shape for the screw head. These are generally used with metal to metal parts such as mechanical parts or machines, although this application is not exclusive. The pan head screw also works for flat head and Phillips, which means that it can be used for both manual and machine operations without an issue.


Aesthetics are an undeniable factor when it comes to any form of work. The type of screw heads used on a project is not just for application purposes but also adds to the aesthetics of the project. When taking into consideration the CSK head screw, it is made to be flush with the surface of whatever it is used for, which creates a smooth appearance.

In addition, if the drilled hole is made for a countersunk screw, a beauty cap can be placed over it so it can conceal the hardware itself. This option can come as a plastic cap which comes in a wide variety of colours. It is good to know that a “stick on” option is also available that not only covers colours, but can come in different shades of a wood grain look as well. The difference between the cap and the stick-on is that the cap will create a slight dome where the stick-on will be flush to the surface.

When talking about aesthetics, it is good to mention the carriage bolt with head again. The bottom end of this will have the bolt, but the top will be smooth and without any indentations. This can give a fully finished look to many projects but seem to be preferred when constructing decks or patios, docks, fences, and ready-to-assemble furniture. These projects tend to be ones that require a lot of strength in addition to screws to accommodate for the trusted support of weight. When using a carriage bolt with head, it delivers a refined look in addition to the strength and safety necessary with any of these projects.


Always consider the quality of the hardware you are using when doing any project. Stainless steel is one of the most durable and long-lasting options.

There are many ss screw manufacturers in India which is why knowing who you are going with makes a difference.

True stainless steel screws that aren’t mixed with other metals are of higher quality, which is why going with a trusted brand such as LP Screw is a responsible option.