What is the best way to use self-drilling screws

What is the best way to use self-drilling screws

30 May, 2023

Self-drilling screws are unique fasteners that have the ability to self-drill pilot holes. In other words, these screws, do not require a pilot or pre-hole to be drilled before the fastening of a screw. The sole purpose of a pilot hole is to ensure proper alignment of the screw being fastened. Self-drilling screws to that end have a drill bit attached to their tip for this functioning. As such think of self-drilling screws as two-piece screws, that drill first and thereafter work as a fastening or joining solution.

Now the careful installation of such screws is key, as excessive or under pressure might just do the drill part and then rip off the remaining screw. For that, proper care is needed on how to best install these screws and gain the optimum output. To save you the hassle of going through endless scrolls of pages, our experts have listed the best installation working methods for these screws with wood, plastic & metal. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the discussion.

Use of Self-Drilling Screws with Metal:

Self-drilling screws have been commonly used across industries such as automotive, construction, electronics and many others for decades. They have been the go-to solution for joining metal to metal, wood to metal and other light metal works. They find principal applications in roofing, ductwork and HVAC among others. Their strength, durability and the ability to cut through metal and perform both drilling and tapping activities come as the principal advantage in their use.

When used for roofing, care must be taken to use washers in conjunction to avoid loose fixes or gaps, that result in the shortening of the lifespan of the joint. The only caution that is common across industries when working with metal is that excessive tightening should be avoided and the screw selection should be proper in terms of flute length.

Use of Self-Drilling Screws with Wood:

When it comes to working with wood, usually the first name that pops up is wood screws. While they are indeed a good choice for woodworking, if you get 2 in 1 ability in a screw that also joins wood well, then it’s an equally great choice. Self-drilling screws have been used for sheds and dock construction, light furniture making and other woodworking projects where the need for the pilot hole is there.

The caution here is, wood is a softer material, and any high pressure during the drilling part might break the screw in two pieces. Also, there are high chances for screw skidding as the screw is made of hardened stainless steel and wood being light might not be able to bear both drilling and tapping if pressure distribution is not uniform. The solution entails the careful installation of the screw and specially minding the angular position on which the screw if needed is to be aligned.

Use of Self-Drilling Screws with Plastic:

Plastic in general is more vulnerable to cracking than wood due to its ridge-like structure. It in the majority of cases requires a pre-drilled hole, before the installation of a screw. This is exactly where self-drilling screws become the perfect fit. They are usually used to fasten sheets and work in applications where a variety of plastic and polycarbonate material is to be joined or affixed.

Screw selection plays a crucial role in this joining, the flute length, the drill point length and whether the screw is winged or not for clearing hole purposes, all these factors determine which and what type of self-drilling screw should be used to join plastic. These days a lot of plastic piping, ductwork and sheeting is being done with these types of screws.

Some Final Suggestions:

Self-drilling screws play a pivotal role in the fixation and joining of multiple types of objects, their ability is the key to the performance and usage in different applications. The drilling and tapping combo is a unique offering in the fastener category and opens a host of possibilities for usage across industries, sectors and segments. The pivot to a healthy joint lies in precision, accuracy and alignment of the screw. And with the perfect hole, the screw is bound to provide an everlasting joint that speaks volumes about the strength, durability and reliability of the concerned joint.

For best results, it is always advisable to go for screws from a reputed and renowned manufacturer that has expertise in producing screws of the highest quality. We, at LP, an emerging ss screw manufacturer excel in providing quality fastening solutions like wood screws, csk phillips screws and ss drywall screws that cater to the dynamic requirements of a diverse set of clientele. For your next project, do give our solutions a try and discover the difference.